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Shisha Candles

Body Oils

Body Oils

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Named after movie/TV tropes, I wanted to focus on reclaiming some of these conventions by having different types of people be able to wear them. Each has a complex scent because people are more than just one trait.

Each scent is 10 mL and made with jojoba oil to steer away from coconut for those with allergies. 

Sample sizes are available in 1 mL amber bottles. 

Scent List
Not Like the Other Girls - Cocoa Butter + Marshmallow (sweet)
Girl Next Door - Black Raspberry + Vanilla (fruity)
The Queen Bee - Pink Sugar + Lily-of-the-Valley (sweet, slightly floral)
Femme Fatale - Dark Rose + Tree Sap (musky floral)
Himbo - Rosewood + Worn Leather (earthy)

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