About + Contact

Hey, y'all!

My name is Alisha Thompson and I am the founder of Shisha (shee•sha) Candles. 

Shisha Candles is named after my mother's childhood name for me. I wanted to create candles that reminded people to take care of themselves. It also has worked as a facet for me to take care of myself.

The collections that I come up with are centered around things that can be seen as self-care (Wash Day, Green Thumb, etc) or things in media that have been a venue of comfort for me (Shady Pines collection, Everyone's Mama collection etc). 

I pride myself on trying to make eco-friendly products and packaging. Plastic is something that I like to stay away from, only using it when I'm reusing packaging from deliveries I receive. 

I hope you find something here that gives you joy or comfort! If you need to reach me with any questions or concerns, you can email shishacandles@gmail.com.


xx Alisha