DIY Candlemaking Kit

DIY Candlemaking Kit

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Want to try your hand at making your own candle? Buy this kit to make either 1, 2, 4, or 6 candles! 

Each kit comes with a wooden wick, wick clip, wick sticker, labels, proportioned fragrance oil, soy wax, glass jar, and instructions. 

You can pick a variety of fragrance oils if getting multiples and can get a blend of two fragrance oils. Please indicate the fragrance oils you would like in the comments section at checkout or email at max. 24 hours after purchase. 

If you want a surprise, just say surprise me in the comment box. 

Available Fragrance Oils

Seasonal Fragrances

Shisha Fragrances
Honey + Bourbon (Kickback)
Pear + Honey (Wash Day)
Basil and Thyme (Green Thumb)
Cashmere sheets + Warm Vanilla (Whoopee)
Strawberry Pound Cake (Mama's Cookin)
Peach Tangerine Tea (Rose)
Dark Rose + Berries (Blanche)
Coffee Bean + Chocolate (Dorothy)
Heirloom Tomato Leaves + Basil (Sophia)

General Fragrances
Fresh Air + Green Apples
Maple Chai
Black Currant + Absinthe
Night Violet
Rose Petals + Thyme
Tree Sap
Cedar Smoke